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Addiction Medicine for a better tomorrow

At Hopewood Clinic, we understand the extent of the current opioid crisis and that it affects all people from all walks of life. Addiction to opioids such as morphine, heroin, fentanyl, and Dilaudid is a medical condition that is treatable under the appropriate guidance and supervision. Our mission is to assist all clients who come to us to reduce their risk of harm through opioid replacement therapy as they start their journey to sobriety.

Our addiction treatment center was founded in 2019 by Dr. Randall Mintz who was an officer in the Canadian forces for over 30 years. As a senior medical officer, he was involved with many clients with addiction issues and followed them throughout their treatments. Throughout this period he developed an interest in addiction medicine. He has worked closely with both in-patient and out-patient clinics over the years and, having seen the success of these programs and the amazing impact that it can have on the lives of both our clients as well as their families, Dr. Mintz pursued more training and education in Addiction Medicine after retiring from the military.

In 2018, he successfully completed the Opioid Dependence Treatment (ODT) Certificate Program offered jointly through the University of Toronto and CAMH (The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health). Afterwards Dr. Mintz applied for, and was granted, a GP Focused Practice Designation in Addiction Medicine through the OMA (Ontario Medical Association) and has worked exclusively in Addiction Medicine ever since.

Wanting to provide a more personalized approach to this medical issue, Dr. Mintz opened the first location in Wasaga Beach, Ontario. Hopewood has continued to grow and has since added locations in other communities in and around the GTA and Hamilton. In short, we strive to treat every client as a unique individual and create a plan that helps them to meet their needs and goals. Our staff of physicians, administrators and pharmacists are all dedicated to assisting clients on their journey.

The primary medical treatment is focused on harm reduction. This includes the use of Methadone treatments, Suboxone treatments, and Sublocade treatments. These medication’s are proven to assist people struggling with opioid addiction to reduce their use, as well as the associated health risks. All our locations are co-located with partner pharmacies. this increases the convenience for our clients as well as allowing for better communications and responsiveness to new prescriptions or medication changes.

If you or a loved one are struggling with opioid addiction, please contact us today and let us assist you in getting clean and getting your life back!

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Addiction Medicine Physician

About Dr. Randall Mintz

  • 15+ yrs in practice in primary care (in-patient and out-patient), occupational and addiction medicine
  • advanced training in aviation and dive medicine
  • Focused Practice designation in Addiction Medicine
  • 10 yrs as a military medical officer – extensive leadership experience in preventive and occupational medicine, healthcare information privacy, policy guidance and implementation
  • 20 yrs as a military rotary wing pilot (1985-2004) with deployments worldwide