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General Questions

If you have a question and do not see the answer here – please email it to us and we will answer it and may add it to our list!

  • If I transfer to Hopewood will I lose my carries?

    No – when you transfer to Hopewood Opioid Addiction Clinic we will confirm your current dose and carry status and you will be continued at the same dose and carry status as you were at your previous clinic.

  • Do I need a referral to start treatment?

    No referral is needed. Anyone can come in to our clinics and get started on treatment without another doctor referral.

  • Will my Family Doctor know I’m here?

    No – your privacy is assured and can be reviewed at our Privacy Policy. We encourage you to discuss your situation with your FP and to keep them involved; however, this is your decision alone.

  • Do I have to come every day?

    When you start the program you will need to come to either the clinic pharmacy or another pharmacy of your choice for ‘daily dosing’. As you progress in the program you will start to get take-home doses, also called ‘carries’, so that this inconvenience is lessened.

  • What if I am pregnant?

    Our team has treated many pregnant women and will take the time to discuss the treatment options with you. Studies show that being on methadone treatment is far safer during pregnancy for moms and babies.  Come and see us to discuss your options!

  • I’m involved with CAS – will they have access to my results?

    No – we do not disclose to any third party agency without your express consent. We do encourage that you allow the involvement of all agencies that are interested in your welfare but the decision is up to you.

  • Will I see an actual doctor?

    Yes! Hopewood addiction clinics use a combination of tele-medicine and in-person visits. Our goal is to have the doctor present in each clinic at least one full day per week so that in-person appointments can be made. However, we know that people’s lives are busy so we also use tele-medicine to offer more appointment days to our clients.

  • Does Hopewood offer addictions counseling?

    We are in the process of engaging an experienced counselor to meet with clients in a 1 on 1 setting. Studies clearly show that methadone or suboxone treatment works better when combined with addiction counseling. 







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